We offer you consultation, treatment and after care in all fields of modern dentistry.

On demand we will also visit you at home or at a rest home.

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We want you feel well with us. We want you be happy with our services. Aesthetic aspects are extremely important for a beautiful and a happy smile from our patients. No matter if it is a consultation, prophylaxis or any kind of treatment, we want to provide you with a totally new experience. And of course we want to provide the best quality and highest hygiene standards.


We want to offer you excellent quality at reasonable prices. Honest and professional dentistry needs thoroughness and time. We use only high-valence materials of maximum aesthetic exigency.We want to work with you for many years. We want you to happily come back to us. We take our time for you. We talk about estimates with you, thoroughly.

We care for you.


The very best treatment at a dentist is avoiding it. Prophylaxis and prevention comes first for us. We offer you a great range. You will be surprised how much we can do together in avoiding problems…

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Aesthetic dentistry is forever improving and growing – and at iDentisti we truly believe in it. Today, a flawless smile is a main requirement for our patients, and of course indicates healthy teeth. We will be happy to show you how to get this result. Whether it is healthy gums or teeth whitening, ceramic veneers or invisible white fillings, orthodontics, ceramic inlays or tooth gems.

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iDentisti. offer you different kinds of dental prostheses.

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Decayed or broken teeth are restored with fillings. There are many possibilities…

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Today dental implants replace lost teeth. Our experience over many years guarantees long term success. One of our most fascinating fields of work.

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iDentisti. offer extensive consultation and sensitive treatment for any kind of paediatric dentistry on our youngest patients and their parents. Children are our future – it is important that visiting us is perceived as a positive and stress-free experience. Dentistry at its most sensitive.

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Many people suffer from extreme fear of dental treatment. The cause is often traumatic past dental experiences (such as in childhood). Such people avoid visits to dentists or dental hygienists and risk damage (tooth decay/periodontal disease) . Even if the decay of the teeth is visible from the outside, their fear outweighs the damage and they end up feeling ashamed of themselves. Patients sometimes grow to rely on strategies to hide their dental damage. In extreme cases, this can result in phobias and social anxiety, and isolation. Dentist phobia is curable. We do everything possible to make sure you will not be afraid of visiting us.

We want you to feel good about us


 A visit to the dentist which is relaxing and with peace of mind – who hasn’t dreamt about this? We can offer you this with   Conscious Sedation.

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Oral surgery is a branch of dentistry that concerns all surgical interventions in the oral cavity and jawbone. The following treatments are included:


difficult extractions

removal of impacted wisdom teeth

abscess treatments


cyst operations


treatment of dental trauma

bone augmentation

sinus lift

soft tissue surgery


Qualified oral surgeons ensure the smoothest possible interventions.


We recommend grinding braces to our patients that suffer of bruxism and TMJ problems. These so-called miniplast bites are manufactured individually for our patients in the dental laboratory. They are also an excellent protection for persons who do contact sports as karate, freestyle skiing and snowboarding, downhill MTB, and others.

We protect your teeth.