At iDentisti. Orthodontics is a very important part of our work.  Aligned beautiful teeth and a correct occlusion are fundamental for a flawless smile. We also resolve functional problems. Not only children and teenagers, but also for adults.

40% of all children have braces, removable or fixed.  Some with colorful elastics as a design element, others prefer ceramic brackets and again others choose invisible treatment techniques. The choice is yours.

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Is your Child three years old and still using a pacifier? Do they suck their thumb? Does your Child often suffer from cataract or other diseases of the upper respiratory tract? Do you think your Child has disaligned teeth, or the jaws do not fit properly ? Is there some asymmetry or maybe your child is not able to close his mouth very well ? Do you think your own teeth are not straight and you would like them to be perfect? In all these cases we recommend you have a check-up with our specialists.

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We make time for you: on the first appointment we examine oral health in general and orthodontic aspects in particular. If we need x-rays we have them done immediately.  If orthodontic therapy is needed we will carry out further examinations. The next step is for our specialists to evaluate all the above. On the second appointment we will explain the treatment options, sometimes integrating speech therapy, the alternatives and of course the estimates.

Our specialists care about you and will discuss an individual therapy plan.


Apart from a regular bite there are lots of jaw deformities: back bite, forced bite, deep bite, overbite, cross bite, open bite, crowding or teeth gaps.  It is our job to explain your particular case. 

We, work for you.


We use them mainly on children of 8-14 years of age. Their purpose is to influence jaw growth during growth boosts. There are different kinds of plates which are on one jaw or on both jaws.  They come in all imaginable colours and are individual for you or your child.

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Braces are normally the choice for perfect tooth correction therapy. We have the classic metal brackets or transparent ceramic brackets. Sometimes we insert temporary mini-screws as a fixed anchor for precise teeth uprighting. Another option is the invisible lingual technique – for those who do not want to see their braces.

There are many possibilities to get a flawless smile.


For those who do not want to see their braces we offer an invisible removable orthodontic treatment, the so-called Invisalign. Another option is the invisible lingual technique: fixed braces on the inner side of the teeth.

Aligned teeth without detectable braces – of course with us iDentisti.


With Orthodontic Therapy it is our purpose to gain good functioning and to provide to you with a flawless smile. But nevertheless, our teeth continue to displace during our lives.  This is the reason why retainers are extremely important for maintaining the outcome of your dental correction. Sometimes the perfect aligned teeth need further aesthetic treatment like ceramic veneers or even implantology.

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