The rapid development of computer technology in dentistry has enabled or even become a prerequisite for a precise diagnosis and planning, and results in high-quality work.

Our clinic uses modern equipment and is staffed by well-trained personnel. We guarantee to our patients that we will always be aware of the latest dentistry knowledge through continuing education.

Dentistry diagnosis at its most modern and up to date.


Best quality images, which are instantly looked at, together with our patients and explained to them. Minimal radiation exposure for the patient ,and no chemical impact to our environment


In collaboration with our collegues we have the opportunity to get an exact image in 3-D of the anatomical situation in order to minimize treatment risk. Safer dentistry.


Due to 3-D diagnosis we offer you a more gentle and painless surgical intervention. Additionally this ensures a better protection of your sensitive anatomical structures.


Our affiliated dental lab DENTAL ART of Sandro Tropea allows us maximum collaboration between patient, dentist and dental technician. This improves our aesthetic results and reduces treatment duration. Welcome to dentistry at its most beautiful.


Due to modern anaesthesia our dental treatments do not hurt any more. We take away the fear of the injection.


The use of a Dental Laser is another fascinating chapter of our work. The Laser opens new horizons in periodontal treatment, it heals painful herpes and is an indispensable method of painless surgery intervention. The Laser plays an important part in sterilizing conditions on endodontics.  It heals sensitive tooth necks and relieves TMJ pain. The Laser promotes healing from implant inflammation and facilitates us opening deeper structures. The Laser whitens teeth. The use of our Laser is painless and causes no bleeding.

You will see when you are with us.