Aesthetic dentistry is our main purpose. Today a flawless smile is indispensable in our modern dentistry.

Tooth bleaching, healthy gums, perfect ceramic veneers, invisible white fillings, dental correction or tooth jewellery – with us you will find an answer to any request for a beautiful smile.

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Are extremely important for white teeth to have a beautiful smile. Gums are to some extent the base of your smile. Periodontics is our field of work which cares for your gums. There are many possibilities to get healthy gums.

We will explain them to you.


Professional power bleaching is our chosen method to give you white teeth. Active oxygen removes disturbing pigmentation in the tooth without damaging enamel and dentin.

We will gladly explain all you need to know.


Veneers are almost transparent, completely metal-free ceramic material which cover your teeth and give the visual surfaces of your teeth a perfect, flawless look. Veneers also correct slightly misaligned teeth, missing teeth, unsatisfactory tooth colour and local discolouration.


iDentisti. use only modern high quality composites for restoring teeth. These fillings are barely visible. Grey fillings are no longer a contemporary filling material and are not used in our clinic.


Are an alternative to big fillings. Glued into the tooth they make it appear as new.


Thanks to our field of orthodontic work we can help you to have beautiful aligned teeth, and not just children and teenagers. Particularly adult tooth dental correction is an important part of a beautiful smile. And it often resolves functional problems as well. Depending on the case you can choose between the classic multiband technique with white ceramic brackets or the absolutely invisible lingual technique. We also offer the invisible and removable Invisalign therapy.

The choice is yours – just ask us. We gladly offer advice.


Small diamond-like gems can be attached to the tooth in the right position which glitters for an even more eyecatching smile. These gems are removable at any time without leaving a trace. You can choose different colours like classic white or light blue…

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