Welcome to iDentisti. Our team offers you the whole range of modern dentistry. It is our mission to totally change your idea of a visit to the dentists: a friendly welcome by our team, the bright and comfortable rooms, the dialogue with our dentists based on trust, a strict hygiene level, thorough examination, diagnosis, modern treatment methods and our after care.

Our emergency service ( +39 345 8309333) guarantees you peace of mind at evenings and during the week-end. You will find a wide parking place directly in front of our door – reserved exclusively for our patients. Wi-fi in the waiting area is provided. We speak english, italian, german, french and the local patois.



Born in 1969. Dr Jörg Lorenz qualified in Dentistry in 1994 at Freiburg University, Germany. As part of an exchange program he studied at Adelaide University, S.A., Australia and the University of Southern California, USA. He graduated with a D.D.S. (Doctor of Dental Surgery) in 1994. In 1995 Jörg completed his PhD in Dermatology in association with Karlsruhe Municipal Hospital. In 1995 Jörg worked with Dr. D. Mittman at a dental practice in Saint Pierre, Aosta, Italy. In 2000 he became an associated partner with Dr. Mittman. In 2009 Jörg worked in his own practice following an innovative and modern philosophy. In 2013 Jörg established a new dental clinic, ‘iDentisti.’ in Saint Pierre, Aosta. Jörg is no. 71 in the Italian Dental Association of the Aosta Valley, Italy. He is member of AIO (associazione italiana degli odontoiatri). Jörg is a regular participant of courses and congresses. Jörg speaks fluent English, German, French and Italian.

PHONE: 0165 90 333 9



Born in 1963. Dr. Christian Mall studied dentistry at Freiburg University in Germany. He graduated with a D.D.S. (Doctor of Dental Surgery) in 1993. Since 1997 he has specialized in Oral Surgery and Periodontics, and from 2004 in Orthodontics. Christian has his own dental practice in Freiburg since 2003. He works externally as a specialist in oral surgery, periodontics, implantology and orthodontics at Basle, Switzerland and with Dr Jörg Lorenz at iDentisti. Christian is a regular participant and organizer of courses and congresses. He is an expert in legal medicine and dentistry. He is member no.80 in the Italian Dental Association of the Aosta Valley, Italy.



Born in 1975. Dr. Jacqueline Agussol qualified in Dentistry in 2001 at Montpellier University, France, where continuing she achieved her specialization in Orthodontics in 2008. Master in Biological Science and Physiology 2001. Certified for lingual orthodontics (Incognito technique) since 2008 and for Invisalign since 2009. Jacqueline works as director of the orthodontic department at the “association for adolescent dentistry Valais” at Sion, Switzerland. Since 2009 she runs her own orthodontic practice at Aosta, an important point of reference in our Aosta Valley. From 2014 her practice joined by assimilation the synergic project iDentisti. and with her professional experience Jacqueline has become an important part of our team. Jacqueline is no. 104 in the Italian Dental Association of the Aosta Valley, Italy. She was vice-president of AIO (associazione italiana degli odontoiatri) from 2009 out to 2013. Jacqueline is a regular participant of courses and congresses. Since 2015 Jacqueline is specializing on Masters in Clinical Management of Orthodontic Complex Cases. Jacqueline is mother of two daughters and speaks Italian, French and English.




Born in 1971 Dr. Luca Ferrari qualified in Dentistry in 2000 at Milan University. 2001 Luca joins the Dental Building of the San Paolo Hospital Milan occupying director’s position of the Emergency Department and Surgical Endodontics. He assists dental students and works on systemic-pathological patients in Day-Hospital. 2002-2004 Luca continues working at the Department of Surgical Endodontics at the Dental Building. Luca is regular partecipant of annual courses on endodontics, on direct and indirect composite reconstructions, on endodontic re-treatment and on surgical endodontics. Furthermore Luca follows annual courses on prosthetics an on implant surgery. Luca works in different private dental practices. Member no. 687 of the Dentist Association of Varese. In our team iDentisti. since june 2014.





Born in 1980. Dr. Emiliano Petti studied dentistry at Cagliary University and graduated with a D.D.S. in 2008 with a vote of 110 out of 110. 2009 further scientific education at the orthodontic department of Ferrara University. Follows a yearly course AIZNODOTRO. 2010 yearly course “Alla ricerca dell’eccellenza: diagnosi clinica e procedure terapeutiche in ortodonzia”, Dott. Redento Peretta, 3M Unitek, Bologna and Tweed Technique, NEW EPGET, Vigevano(PV). 2012 Master in Tweed Technique (Tweed Course) at the Tweed Foundation, Tucson, Arizona (USA). 2013 yearly course in Straight-Wire techique with Dott. A. Davide Mirabella, Milan. 2015 he specializes in orthodontics at Milan University. Being very interested in orthodontics and body posture he is co-author of the book “Dentistry and Sport”, Edi-Ermes publication. Since 2009 he works as orthodontic specialist at different dental practices in Milan, Como and Lecco. He is member no. 5107 in the Italian Dental Association of Milan, Italy. In our team iDentisti. since 2020.

DOTT.SSA Chiara guichardaz

Born march 18th 1998, Chiara finished high-school for natural sciences at Aosta in 2017. After a 3-year study of music specialised on clarinet, in 2020 she graduated from Aosta Conservatory. In 2020 she graduated from Turin University with 110 out if 110 possible points and became a dental hygienist. Title of her phD work: FREQUENCY OF PERIODONTAL PATIENTS WITH GASTRO-ENTERAL INFLAMMATION PROBLEMS: A CASE-CONTROL-STUDY ON THE NORTH-ITALIAN POPULATION, in cooperation between University of Turin and the SanGiovanniBosco Hospital at Turin. Member of the Dental Hygienist Association Turin/Aosta/Alessandria/Asti, member of the Italian Association of Dental Hygienists AIDI. Chiara follows regularly courses and congresses. Chiara speaks italian, french and english.

Chiara joined our team iDentisti. in 2023.


Born april 7th 1996, Fabiana finished high-school for natural sciences at Aosta in 2015. In 2019 she graduated from Varese university with 110 out if 110 possible points and became a dental hygienist. Title of her phD work: THE EFFECT OF SODIUMHYPOCHLORIDE ON THE CHANGE OF THE PLAQUE INDEX, ON THE GINGIVAL INFLAMMATION AND ON THE POCKET DEPTH ON PERIODONTAL PATIENTS: A HALF TIME STUDY ANALYSIS 
Fabiana speaks italian, french and english. Due to additional courses at uni on communication and pedagogy she is very empathetic and gets easily to explain all about dental hygiene to our patients.
Fabiana joined our team iDentisti. in 2020.


DOTT.SSA Serin Ajimi

Dental hygienist



Si è laureata in scienze motorie c/o l’ Università degli studi di Genova ed ha conseguito il diploma in osteopatia c/o l’Istituto Europeo per la Medicina Osteopatica a Genova ed un Master 2ème niveau Osteopathie c/o l Université Europenne Jean Monnet de Bruxelles. Attualmente insegna a Torino nella scuola di osteopatia S.S.O.I. Si interessa a tutti i settori nei quali può applicarsi l’osteopatia in senso funzionale. Segue corsi di attività motoria individuali e di gruppo per mantenere efficiente l’ apparato locomotore. Ha lavorato 10 anni c/o la piscina di Pre Saint Didier come istruttrice di nuoto e di ginnastica in acqua. Si occupa del dimagrimento fisico utilizzando esclusivamente l’ attività fisica ed incoraggiando a seguire sane abitudini alimentari.



DR. Eugenio Dell’Amico D.O. M.Sc. Ost

Born 26/09/1996, he studied for five years at the International College of Osteopathic Medicine (ICOM) in Turin and at NESCOT COLLEGE University of Surrey (UK). Young, trained and dynamic osteopath, holding Msc. Ost. UK and D.O.
It deals with the management and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders through the application of the principles and techniques of osteopathic manual therapy.
During his five years of study, he acquired the necessary knowledge to safely perform the work of an osteopath by taking theoretical examinations such as anatomy, biomechanics, physiology, pathology, differential diagnosis, radiology, etc. and practical examinations that enabled him to carry out three years of practical training. Performed more than 1500 hours of clinical training acquiring osteopathic clinical reasoning and osteopathic manual treatment skills.
Finally, I am certified as a Practitioner Specialised in the application of Kinesio Taping and functional bandaging.



Reception Manager and Dental Assistant, organizes appointments and payment

Claudia Moretti

Reception Manager and Dental Assistant, organizes appointments and payment

Daniela iob

Reception Manager and Dental Assistant, organizes appointments and payment

Martina silvestro

Reception Manager and Dental Assistant, organizes appointments and payment


Dental Assistant specializing in orthodontics and children



Dental Assistant





Dental Assistant